Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Guest Beers

Guest beers available from this weekend (in no particular order) are:-

Dizzy Blonde 3.8%
A refreshing easy drinking ale with a light golden colour and a distinct malt palate.

Gold 4.4%

Yellow/gold in colour, rounded malt in the mouth, with a full bittersweet finish of Fuggles hops.

Doom Bar 4%
The aroma of Doom Bar is an accomplished balance of spicy resinous hop, inviting sweet malt and delicate roasted notes. The mouth feel is a perfectly balanced and complex blend of succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malty notes and a subtle tey assertive bitterness, which remains into the finish with dry fruity notes.

2008 Winter Beer Festival
Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th November
Please feel free to blog any suggestions.


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