Sunday, 12 February 2012

Live Music February 2012

Come and enjoy live music featuring talented local musicians at The Bell throughout February.

Late posting, but please try and visit during the weekend of 24-26 of Feb - that's our 45th anniversary. If you have any 'old money', you could purchase a very cheap round of drinks at 1967 prices! - during 1967 hours only - if you remember them! Plus the only music we'll be playing (apart from live) will be from 1967, we (that's the staff, and hopefully, the customers (!) ) will be wearing only 1967 gear throughout the weekend. Plus a few more treats in store...we look forward to seeing you all here!

Friday, 17 February - Stuart
Friday, 24 February - Ali (new, plus this is our '67 weekend!)
Friday, 2 March - Too Late to Die Young