Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fun Night at The Smokay Corral!

Last Friday saw the launch of The Bell's new outside smoking area, 'The Smokay Corral' together with the lofty 'Marlboro Heights'.

Local resident and renowned octogenarian, Mr Bramley Buckley-Saxon cut the ribbon before enjoying a pint of ale and a cigar in the early evening sunshine. The Corral has been finished to the highest standard and furnished with several items of tobbaciana including a vintage cigarette vending machine which originally stood at Tills V Smith Garage (now closed) in Castle Hedingham.

Those attending the launch were served barbecued king prawns and spicy chicken wings from the vine-covered patio, courtesy of Turkish chef, Murat.

With easy access to the bar via the ("looks like they've always been there") new patio doors, customers continued to enjoy the mild evening and Mediterranean vibe until closing time.

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Anonymous said...

Sitting here in Holland (now smoke free too, unless it's dope of course!?) and thinking that there was no better choice of celeb. to open the the "smokezone". Sorry I wasn't there to cheer Bram on the day. Derek.