Friday, 21 November 2008

Guest Beers

Guest beers for this weekend and next, excluding festival beers.
(Sorry Ja for the delay, preperations fopr the beer festival took over, I hope you'll forgive me!)

World's Biggest Liar 4.3%
To coincide with Worlds Biggest Liar Competition A dark golden brown coloured bitter with a chocolate, toffee and roasted malt aroma. A biscuity flavour with a dry hop finish.

Tripple fff Brewery
Alton's Pride 3.8 %
Bronze award at Olympia 2003 & 2004.Golden brown session bitter, full bodied for 3,8%. A forward hoppy aroma with a long bitter finish. “Excellent, clean-tasting, golden brown session bitter, full bodied for it’s strength. A delicious aroma of malt and hops. An initially malty flavour fades as citrus notes and hoppiness take over, leading to a lasting hoppy, bitter finish.” Good Beer Guide 2005.
London Pride 4.1%
An award-winning classic. A rich, smooth and wonderfully balanced beer, its distinctive malty base is complemented by well developed hop character, from adding Target, Challenger and Northdown varieties to the brew.

Wherry Bitter 3.8%
Fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours. A background of sweet malt and a hoppy ‘grapefruit’ bitter finish characterises this champion bitter


Ja said...

Ok, but you've been warned!!!

Ja said...

I must say i find the picture of the Greene King IPA towel very distasteful! Hmm not impressed at all, will be talking to the management very sternly! (well not Kylie cos i'm too scared)

Penny said...

I'm very sorry about the greene king towel Ja. It completely slipped by me, I need some new title photos for the beer blog, and that is Kylie's department. - I'll speak to her!!